Harry DzenisHarry is always on the lookout for new horses and owners to join his successful team. If you have a horse that you think Harry could bring the best out in then please contact him.

The most important thing to Harry is that as an owner you have a fantastic time owning a horse with him and see your horse reach its full potential.

Harry is very grateful for the support that he receives from his current owners, and knows that without their continued support he would not be where he is today:

  • The Xam Partnership owners of Xam
  • The Bridgelands 2012 Syndicate
  • Ms Caroline Collins owner of Cruise A Crosstown
  • Miss Alice Martin-Bird owner of Primitve Sword
  • Mrs Amy Whitmore owner of Charlwood Merlin
  • Miss Rachel Dowson owner of Fernando VIII
  • Mrs Heather partridge owner of Jetstream
  • Miss Emma Swadlo owner of Jacksolyn
  • Charles & Dinah Macdonald owners of Above Board and Eagles Ridge

We have plenty of ownership opportunities available which are listed below:

Type of Event Horse Ownership:

•    Sole Ownership – This type of ownership gives you total control over your horse and will bring you closer to him being the sole owner. The horse will always run in the owners name or company name.

•    Syndicate or Partnerships – A Syndicate or partnership can be anything from 2 people to 25 people and is especially brilliant if a group of friends are involved. However, it can also be a great way of meeting new people whilst relishing in the enjoyment of owning an event horse. This is a particular good option for people who would love to own and event horse but don’t want to be burdened with all the costs as they can be split. Sligo First Class is owned by the Bridgelands 2012 Syndicate.

•    Company Ownership – Company ownership is firstly a fantastic way of promoting your business as the horse would run in your company name and colours. For instance the horses name could read: (your company name ) then (horses name). Brilliant brand exposure. Also events can make great company days out which is brilliant for improving staff relations.

Harry DzenisMembers of the Bridgelands 2012 Syndicate, owners of Sligo First Class
at the syndicate’s Summer Barbeque in July 2010.

What can you as Owners expect in return?

•    Regular communication from Harry about how your horse is progressing. This involves:
–    Weekly updates on how your horse is.
–    Ability to visit your horse on a regular basis at the yard.
–    Detailed and discussed plans as to where your horse will be competing.
–    Monthly Harry Dzenis Eventing Newsletter to keep you up to date on what is happening at Harry Dzenis Eventing.
•    Opportunity to watch your horse compete in some of the most stunning settings in Great Britain which makes for a brilliant day out not only from a family and friends point of view but also a corporate one.
•    Hospitality days, Christmas party and picnics at events.
•    Highly thrilling experience watching a horse that you own progress through the levels.
•    The fun of going to the events and socialising with other people in the eventing industry
•    If part of a syndicate:
–    Shared responsibilities
–    Less-expensive way to enjoy being an owner
–    Up front-fee. Set Monthly cost
–   No further Charges
•    Carefully selected quality horses. Good contacts
•    Know that your horse will receive the best care and be treated as an individual.
•    From a business point of view increase brand exposure.

•    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: The opportunity to have a brilliant time

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